Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Business Support Mechanism?

The Business Support Mechanism is a new institution of entrepreneurship and economic development that acts on behalf of the Region of Western Greece. It will promote entrepreneurship and it will provide substantial support to the businesses of the region. In this context, it will monitor the business environment, coordinate business initiatives and organize relevant events. The Business Support Mechanism will support the Region of Western Greece in formulating its Strategy regarding the development of entrepreneurship.

How can the average businessman of Western Greece benefit from the Business Support Mechanism

There are multiple benefits for every businessman:

α) Horizontal information: the Mechanism provides comprehensive information - tools to entrepreneurs on key issues that a very small or medium-sized enterprise may face, e.g. business planning, marketing, funding, etc. In addition, it holds information on issues regarding the institutional framework of companies (establishment, operation, licensing, etc.) that otherwise the entrepreneur would have to use separate administrative authorities to find it. Finally, it can provide qualitative data on developments and recent trends in the local economy as well as on target markets for industries with export potential.

β) Personalized provision of targeted consulting services: support for the development and evaluation of the business plan of the beneficiary company, development of a marketing plan, conducting a market study, consulting services for the reorganization and improvement of the operation of the business, support for costing and pricing policy, support services for securing funding. In addition, through the business needs analysis, the consultants of the BSM will determine the services that you can receive according to the business needs and objectives of your company. The business needs analysis includes several personal interviews and concludes with the selection of consulting services that will be used by the company.

How can I receive the consulting services of the Business Support Center?

The process is simple. If you have a small or medium-sized company that operates in the Region of Western Greece but also in the wider area or want to be active in the region you can submit the relevant application. The application is submitted online on this website. Alternatively, you can contact BSΜ (via phone or email) to receive the application via email or visit our offices (Patras, Agrinio, Pyrgos) to complete it with the help of our consultants. After the examination of your application, you will be contacted on how to proceed.

What is the cost of the services?

The personalized consulting services of BSM are provided free of charge to the interested companies as indirect aid and fall under the "Regulation de minimis". More specifically, the services provided by the Center correspond to a certain amount of aid. The maximum value of services per business cannot exceed €10,000 before VAT while the services can be provided within 2 months from the approval of the application.

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