Business Information Material

Information Material for companies

At the Business Support Mechanism of the Region of Western Greece, we support your business development efforts and we provide you information and useful tools concerning:

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Business planning

  • Business plan preparation guide
  • o Business plan templates
  • o Business planning tools

Access to market and competition data

  • Results of studies that investigate market trends and developments conducted by the Business Support Mechanism
  • Data on business activity in the local economy
  • Market access information for specific foreign markets
  • Business lists of potential customers, suppliers and partners from the Mechanism's business database

Marketing strategy

  • Marketing plan training guide
  • Marketing plan templates

Access to funding

  • Information material for ongoing programmes (e.g., investment law, state aid, etc) regarding their basic characteristics, their application process, their evaluation criteria and the expected benefits for your business
  • Eligibility / pre-grading evaluation tools
  • Information material on alternative funding tools

Institutional framework

  • Information material on the institutional and regulatory framework for company establishment and operation
  • Information on the regulatory framework for foreign investments in Greece and the Municipality of Piraeus
  • Information on non-regulatory issues for company establishment and operation in Greece and the Region of Western Greece

Best business practices

  • Examples of successful business cases with emphasis on the sectors of Regional Strategy for Smart Specialisation.

Development of collaborations

  • Access to information material for networking activities organized in the Region of Western Greece
  • Guide to attracting partnerships
  • Registration in the Mechanisms’s forum for networking with other registered companies

Personalized Consulting Support

The Business Support Mechanism of the Region of Western Greece will provide personalized consulting services to selected small and medium companies that are active or want to be active in the Region of Western Greece. The services will be provided by the Center free of charge as indirect aid and fall under the "de minimis Regulation".

These services include:

Development of strategic - business plan

The specialized consultants of BSM in direct collaboration with your company will prepare a complete custom business plan based on the needs and specific objectives of your business (e.g., development of a new product, loan, new investment, etc.).

Evaluation of existing business plans

Have you already developed your business plan? BSM consultants will evaluate it both in terms of completeness and quality of content and in terms of its adequacy concerning your business goals. They will guide you towards its effective reform.

Preparation of a market study

Do you want to have a better knowledge of the market in which you operate? Do you want to operate in Greece or abroad? BSM will provide you with specialized information about the conditions and recent trends of your market.

Development of a marketing plan

Do you want to increase your sales or strengthen your market position? BSM consultants will develop the marketing plan of your business considering your specific needs and goals.

Consulting Services for the operational reorganization and improvement of the company

Do you have operational or organizational problems in your business? BSM consultants will support and guide you to adopt a new improved operational and organizational structure or redesign the existing one to effectively adapt to the changes that occur in the internal and external business environment.

Consulting services for product costing

BSM consultants will help you choose the optimal costing and pricing policy that will help you increase profit margins and reduce the existing production costs of your business.

Support services for securing funding

Does your business need working capital or are you going to make a new investment? The aim of the service is to provide consulting support regarding the procedures for securing funding through banks, financial institutions etc. but also by utilizing relevant state aid actions.

Support services for business networking and partnerships

Are you looking for new partners or suppliers? The ΒSΜ consultants will support your search for business partners and they will provide comprehensive consulting support for the formation, development and operation of partnerships.

For the shortlisted companies that meet the requirements, a business needs analysis will be conducted in order to finalize the services they will receive based on their application and their actual needs.

Interviews and meetings will be held with representatives and executives of the company. Business data and additional information of the company will be analysed.

Participation/Submission of Applications

The Business Support Mechanism (BSM) of the Region of Western Greece announces the start of the provision of personalized consulting Services to companies of the region.

All companies can take part in the program regardless of industry or economic activity if:

  • They are small and medium sized or they are newly established companies that are active in the Region of Western Greece or want to operate in the region and the wider area.
  • They have not received de minimis aid exceeding the amount of 200.000 euros in the last three years.
  • To see the invitation click here
  • To apply online click here

Alternatively, you can download it below, along with the two required formal declarations and send them to us by post

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